MacPower Portable Solar Generator
Inverter Power Bank


MacPower Portable Solar Generator
Inverter Power Bank

MacPower portable solar generator inverter power bank is a small but very rugged inverter that gives you access to electricity whenever you need it in your home or office. With MacPower inverter, you don’t have to deal with noisy generators anymore as this allows you to access significant amounts of power (electricity) 24/7 on-demand, whether day or night. It comes with ultra super inbuilt lithium battery which makes the device safe and reliable. It’s a 100w inverter with 42,000mah inbuilt lithium battery which gives it adequate capacity to carry home appliances just like NEPA light does. It comes with a manual that shows you how everything works so you won’t have difficulty using it. It can be recharged with either solar panel, wall charger(NEPA or generator) or car charger.
Price: 65,000.00

Compatible Appliances

With your MacPower M42 inverter, you can power both household and workplace compatible appliances (up to 100W (cumulative)) such as charge mobile phones, bulbs, power fans, LED Tvs, Laptops, Tablets, Barbing Clippers – giving you a better living on a budget.

Please Note: The MacPower M42 inverter cannot support air conditioners, deep freezers, refrigerators, electric cookers, washing machines, pressing irons and other heavy duty appliances.

Who Can Use This Inverter?

  • Anyone who either lives off grid, or lives within existing grid but have inadequate power supply and seeks an alternate, reliable and affordable electricity supply.
  • Anyone who wants to power basic appliances like LED TV, standing fans, light bulb, laptop, decoders, etc.
  • Small businesses – barbers, pharmacists, boutiques, online marketers, journalist, etc.
  • Anyone who wants to save more money from their monthly NEPA Bill or save money to fuel and service generators.

Say Goodbye To Power Failure for Good

With MacPower inverter you won’t have to miss another live match again or miss that favorite show on Dstv or sleep with heat at night or have low battery on your mobile phones and laptops.

Best part? You can get access to this this life-changing inverter for just 65,000.00

How To Use

If you want a practical demonstration of how MacPower M42 works, Watch our product demo video below

NOTE: Pre-paid orders on our website are delivered free anywhere in Nigeria. However, delivery charges apply for Payment on Delivery orders.
Price: 65,000.00

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