Here are some of the inquiries we’ve been asked by most of our clients and prospectives
Our office address is No. 3 Governor Road, Ikotun, Lagos.
We have a delivery company that delivers to our customers in most cities in Nigeria. Pre-paid orders are delivered free of charge to major cities in Nigeria. Payment on delivery (POD) orders attract delivery charges. All Lagos deliveries are free, whether pre-paid or payment on delivery. Call/text/whatsapp 08135503221 to schedule your delivery.
Honestly,we do not have the answer yet because the product is just 7 months old. All we can say is that it’s built to last. The battery lifespan is about 600 cycles, which is over 2 years. The battery is replaceable and we have it, as well as other parts, in stock. We have a service center in our Lagos office and the product comes with 6 months manufacturer’s warranty.
The charging input is 15V/2A. Yes, any generator including ‘I pass my neighbor’ generator can charge it. The solar panel is 40w/18V.
Yes, we have a youtube video which demonstrates how the product works. It also shows how long the inverter will last with most household appliances. Our youtube channel is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20VkZpMXuwc
A 65w laptop is certainly not a modern or energy-efficient laptop, but even at that, it will power it for about 3 hours. If you are using a modern laptop of about 35watts, it can last up to 6 hours.
The solar panel is optional and comes at an additional cost of N12,000. It’s a 40w, 18v solar panel.
It can carry led TV plus decoder, DC standing fan, laptop, clippers, lighting, etc provided the combined wattage of your appliances does not exceed 100w.
How long it lasts will depend on what you have plugged in. If you are using a 24inches LED TV plus decoder, it will last between 4 and 5 hours before needing to recharge the battery. With a 32inches LED TV plus decoder, it will last about 3 hours.
Plasma TV is different from LED TV, even though some people don’t know the difference. It can power 32 inches LED TV plus decoder for about 3 hours, but not plasma. Plasma is an old flat screen TV technology which production has been discontinued since about 10 years ago. If you bought any brand new flat screen TV in the past 7 years, it is most likely an LED. You can only find plasma in tokunbo today.
We are pushing the M42 more, because it’s more affordable. Even at that, a lot of people are ordering for the M120. It is a strategic decision to advertise the M42 and then latch on that to sell the M120.
For now, it’s either pre-paid or payment on delivery (POD). It is also allowed to pay in installments, but we can only ship the product to the customer when he/she completes payment.
For now, our products are not available at ShopRite, but it’s available on most popular online channels like Jumia, Konga, nairashop, etc as well as on our website www.macfreys.com.
There are two ways to sell our products: a. Become an Affiliate: All you need do is make a one-time payment of N50,000 to our account. We will send you a sample product of our model M42, provide you online product training and marketing support. You will earn N5,000 commission for every unit of M42 and N10,000 commission for every unit of M120 sold through your referral. b. Become a Distributor: Buy a minimum of 10 units of our model M42 at distributor price of N44,000. Full distributorship advantages will be given to you including training and marketing support.
If you are using a modern laptop of about 35w, it will last about 5 hours. Phone charging is almost insignificant. It will fill any phone without dropping significantly.

Client Testimonials

Few Words About Us

A friend introduced this product to me. Now, I’m glad I said yes. I take this little device with me to the office in the morning to charge it in the office. By the time I return home in the evening, whether there is NEPA or not, I’m sure to watch my favourite TV program and sleep through the night with my standing fan.
Niyi Oloyede
DigiTech Staff
I run a roadside boutique, and MacPower has saved me the noise and cost of running generators whenever there is a power outage. This little guy powers the lighting in my shop, powers my wall fans and TV sets for several hours. I’ll give this product a 5 star rating.
Ifeanyi Achuzie
MD, Everyday Wears
I found this product online, and after going through the features and benefits, I decided to give it a try. This product has been able to power my laptop for several days and I’m grateful I bought it. As if that was not enough, I found out about the ‘Refer A Friend’ programme and enrolled in it. Within a month, I have made a total of N130,000. I’m so happy.
Emeka Nnamani
Online Entrepreneur