Spread the word and earn!

Refer a friend and earn a minimum of ₦5,000 per referral

Introduce us to your friend and you can earn a minimum of ₦5,000

“Refer A friend” is a programmme where our satisfied customers are encouraged to tell their friends about us and our products. The purchase of any of our inverters qualifies a customer to be registered on this programme if the customer wants to be registered.

Once a customer signs up for this programme, we get the customer registered on our affiliate marketing platform. We will provide the customer online product training and marketing support.

The customer will sell our products at company price or refer a prospective customer to us to close the sale. The affiliate will earn ₦5,000 commission for every unit of M42 and ₦10,000 commission for every unit of M120 sold through his/her referral.

In addition to the above, the affiliate will be enrolled free of charge for our digital marketing webinars, where we teach people how to use their smart phones to sell online and make money. The curriculum includes:

1. Facebook ads
2. Google ads
3. Content marketing
4. Instagram ads
5. Twitter ads
6. Video marketing
7. WhatsApp marketing
8. Webinars
9. Website creation
10. Intro to solar technology

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